Welcome to Film Buffet (All you can eat film for $0.00)

Hey everyone,

Welcome to Film Buffet! Your one stop blog for all things film. I started this blog because I was tired of people constantly complaining about Hollywood and denigrating films as a lower art form. So in a sense this blog is in defense of film. I also started this blog because I wanted to share my own thoughts on films both new and old. Additionally I would like to know what films you would recommend, so I urge you to comment on my posts and start up a dialogue.

Since the decade is coming to a close, I have been thinking a lot about the films that have come out in the last 10 years. I was 10 years old when the decade began and am 20 as this decade ends, so clearly my taste and understanding of movies has changed a lot. I might not be Peter Travers or Richard Roeper but I am young and us young folk heavily control the box office, so it is my hope that my generation spends its $10.50 on movies that will stand the test of time. My first official post will be on my 10 favorite films of the decade.

Talk to ya later,



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