The Class of 2009 Movie Yearbook

Funniest – Stu Price (The Hangover)

Best Hair – Carol (Where the Wild Things Are)

wildthings-carol2.png image by The_Playlist

Sweetest – Julia Child (Julie and Julia)

Best Dressed – Billie Frechette (Public Enemies)

Most Creative – Tie: Carl Fredricksen (Up) and Lt. Aldo Raine (Inglorious Basterds)

Most Outgoing – Sgt. William James (The Hurt Locker)

Most Athletic – Neytiri (Avatar)

Best Smile – Alex Goran (Up In The Air)

Best Eyes – Jane (New Moon)

Cutest Couple – Tom Hansen and Summer Finn (500 Days of Summer)

Most Popular – Tie: Kirk (Star Trek) and Ryan Bingham (Up In The Air)

Most Likely to Succeed – Jake Sully (Avatar)


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