Golden Globes Preview

We are one week away from the Golden Globe Awards, one of the most important award shows in Hollywood, second only to the Academy Awards and I feel it only appropriate to take a look at past awards shows in order to prepare you for this year’s. I always find the show at least somewhat enjoyable and like to see how the Golden Globe winners compare to the Oscar winners.

The Golden Globes should be taken with a grain of salt though since they tend to nominate some less than stellar films, for example “Dreamgirls” won the award for Best Picture – Comedy or Musical in 2006. Actors also tend to be nominated in pretty mediocre films, this year Sandra Bullock is nominated for the poorly reviewed “The Proposal” and Julia Roberts is nominated for “Duplicity.” The Golden Globes also do not have categories for the technical aspects of film like the Academy Awards do. For example the Golden Globes don’t have categories like “Best Cinematography” that I like so much. Anyway this year the Golden Globes will be hosted by Ricky Gervais so you know it should be a fun show. Here are a few of my favorite Golden Globe speeches from years past.

Kate Winslet

Sacha Baron Cohen

Meryl Streep

For a complete list of nominees click here:

Now here’s a preview of this year’s show with the hilarious Ricky Gervais. Watch him host the show on January 17th at 8 pm EST on NBC and vote on the poll following the video!



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2 responses to “Golden Globes Preview

  1. Nora V

    Ricky Gervais is going to be an amazing host, I’m (surprisingly enough) very excited for this year. And even though her performance wasn’t out of this world, I thought the Proposal was funny. When there are only four movies to choose from at your cabin’s North Woods Minnesota movie theater, you don’t have many options, but despite its predictability, there were some big laughs in it. Or maybe I just really love Ryan Reynolds. You pick.
    PS: I subscribed on my RSS feed, I really enjoy your blog!

  2. thanks for subscribing! i’m so glad you enjoy the blog!

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