Do reviews affect what movies you see?

Movie reviews, like reviews for most things are tricky. Everyone has an opinion and each person will find different movies funny, moving, beautiful, powerful, etc. I have one friend who says he doesn’t care what professional film reviewers think. Often when I recommend a movie to him and tell him about the great reviews it has gotten or awards it has received he’ll scoff. On the other hand, I have other friends who will see a movie once it has gotten a lot of “buzz” and great reviews. I like to get a general idea of a film’s reviews before seeing it. I usually trust (and agree with) Peter Travers of Rolling Stone and his reviews do affect what movies I see. On the other hand some movies I go see regardless of how bad its reviews are because bad movies like Pringles and Oreos are addictive. So how about you, which movie reviews affect what movies you see (if they affect your decisions at all?)



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2 responses to “Do reviews affect what movies you see?

  1. Kelly

    I had to go with ‘other’ I look at the reviews from the NY Times, not ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ and I defiantly don’t trust word of mouth reviews… it’s that kind of blind trust that made me watch ‘Sex and the City’.

  2. I have a few friends whose opinion I respect for certain genres, but I’m pretty good at separating my own expectations of a film from reviews I’ve heard from others.

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