2010 Oscar Nominations – Ponderations

Hey everybody (as in my 4 readers),

Sorry I haven’t updated in a week, I’ve been busy. Anyway the Academy Award nominations have been released and here are just a few of my reactions:

*The Blind Side for Best Picture? Really? Does that mean I have to go see it now?

*District 9 for Best Picture? Yes! Hooray

*Colin Firth got nominated! Now I must see A Single Man.

*Christopher Plummer and Helen Mirren got nominated!  Maybe I should go see The Last Station.

*Way to go Gabourey Sibide! You deserve that nomination.

*Maggie Gyllenhaal for Best Supporting Actress for Crazy Heart? Awesome job, I’ve always enjoyed her work.

* No Julianne Moore for A Single Man? She is the most overlooked actress working today. Hey Academy, give her a damn Oscar already!

*Why wasn’t Ponyo nominated for Best Animated Feature Film?

*Where The Wild Things Are should have been nominated for Best Cinematography, Art Direction, Score and Best Original Song for All Is Love by Karen O and the Kids.

*Kathryn Bigelow and Lee Daniels were both nominated for Best Directing! Finally the pool of directing nominees is getting more diverse.

*Capitalism: A Love Story should have been nominated for Best Documentary Feature. No one saw it but it was seriously powerful.

*I need to see the Best Documentary Feature nominees!

*I need to see The White Ribbon.

*District 9 should have gotten a Best Original Score nomination.

*Up In The Air better win for Best Adapted Screenplay.

*Thank God Avatar did not get nominated for Best Original Screenplay but Thank God that Inglourious Basterds did.

*How awesome would it have been if Zach Galifianakis got nominated for his performance in The Hangover? Or if Melanie Laurent had been nominated for Inglorious Basterds?

*(500) Days of Summer was completely overlooked by The Academy. Shame, this was one of the best, most heartfelt films of the year.

So those are some thoughts on the nominations. On another note starting this Monday, the 15th I will be starting a campaign called “21 Days of Oscar.” Each day I will post something short and sweet (perhaps sour) relating to past and current Academy Awards. This will culminate on March 7th when I will reveal my pics for top films of the year. So make sure to watch out for that and check back this Saturday when I’ll post the best movies to watch this Valentine’s Day for both lovers and haters of the holiday.

Watch the always lovely Anne Hathaway announce this year’s nominees here:



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3 responses to “2010 Oscar Nominations – Ponderations

  1. lol blind side and yea ponyo got overlooked severely or maybe disney just doesnt care anymore bout one of the finest directors to grace cinema

  2. Nora V

    Blindsided by the Blind Side. Ew.

    I really, really want to see “The White Ribbon” as well. I have this pipe dream that I’ll watch all the movies nominated for everything. I made a list of all of them. Not including short films, I’ve seen 9/46 films..

    Maybe I should just start with the Best Picture noms?

  3. Alexa

    How New Moon didn’t get nominated for anything, I’ll never understand.

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