21 Days of Oscar – Best Actress Speeches

So yesterday the Academy announced that this year they would strictly enforce a 45 second limit on acceptance speeches. I think this is a big mistake on their part. People watch the Oscars cause they love watching people speak, even ramble freely for a couple minutes of glory. When someone goes up and accepts an award and thanks all of the people who have helped them along the way and acknowledges that no one ever loved them in life or that they grew up in a trailer or that their dead ancestor encouraged them to join the movie business you cannot help but feel happy for them. Perhaps we enjoy watching them because we feel that we too could one day be in their place, accepting a similar award. So while I lament the Academy’s decision, in all honesty I don’t think their new policy will shorten many acceptance speeches. If Meryl Streep or Jeff Bridges wins an award, no one will dare cut them off. Here are some of my favorite acceptance speeches by actresses from years past. I believe most of them are more than 45 seconds long. Tomorrow I will post some of my favorite acceptance speeches from male actors.

Marion Cotillard

Angelina Jolie

Hilary Swank

Frances McDormand

Meryl Streep

Charlize Theron

Julia Roberts

Audrey Hepburn

Kate Winslet

And I saved the best for last. Here is Halle Berry’s awesome acceptance speech for Monster’s Ball.


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