21 Days of Oscar – Best Score

A score can add so much to a film. A good score can make us cry, evoke memories or sweep us up in the ecstasy of both real and imagined life. I have posted my favorite pieces from each of the 5 scores nominated for Best Original Score (Avatar, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Hurt Locker, Sherlock Holmes and Up.) I have also posted pieces from some of my favorite scores that were not nominated. I suggest you listen to all of them, they are all quite beautiful.  Enjoy and vote in the poll!


Fantastic Mr. Fox

The Hurt Locker

Sherlock Holmes


A Single Man

Where the Wild Things Are

District 9

Julie & Julia

Star Trek



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2 responses to “21 Days of Oscar – Best Score

  1. Nora V

    Haha, I know I just commented last night, but I love talking about film scores. I always listen to soundtracks while I read novels, I find they can be like soundtracks for the plot of the story.

    The soundtrack to “Where the Wild Things Are” was so innovative and unique, I believe it deserved a nomination. Maybe I just really like Karen O.

    I loved the soundtrack of Sherlock Holmes (a film I found to be completely entertaining if not a critical success). One song that’s not on the soundtrack but is in the film was “Rock Road to Dublin,” a traditional Irish reel performed by the Dubliners. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMw7lwxRImI ) I ended up buying it, I really love it.

    (On a note of personal favoritism, Michael Giacchino, the composer of the Up soundtrack, is also the composer for Lost. Um, how many primetime television shows have Oscar-nominated composers working for them? Hmm?)

  2. Alexa

    I remember that when we saw A Single Man you commented on how great the score was. And I was so caught up in the cinematography that I hadn’t even realized there had been music. Listening to it now, you were right; it’s absolutely gorgeous.

    However, I’m going to have to vote for Star Trek. I thought the score was awesome and really added to the experience and suspense. Plus I remember that it helped to distract me from the parts where the movie got a little laughably ridiculous. Also, I’ve been a Trekkie since I was 8. In second grade I actually said some Klingon phrases for show-and-tell. Yeah, I was that kid.

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