21 Days of Oscar – Spotlight: Women Directors

Kathryn Bigelow

An unusual thing has happened this year on the road to the Academy Awards, a women has become the front runner to win the award for Best Director. Kathryn Bigelow is only the fourth women to ever be nominated for Best Director in the Academy’s 82 year history for a testosterone- heavy Iraq war drama no less. Her film the Hurt Locker has been nominated for a total of 9 awards including Best Picture. I should mention that An Education is also nominated for Best Picture though its female director Lone Scherfig is not nominated for Best Director. Previously Lina Wertmuller was nominated for Seven Beauties in 1976, Jane Campion was nominated for The Piano in 1993 and Sofia Coppola was nominated for Lost in Translation in 2003.

Jane Campion

Sofia Coppola

Lone Scherfig

Now some may argue that people will simply vote for her because she is a woman but I believe Bigelow absolutely deserves the award. The Hurt Locker is one of the most compelling films in years and includes some very vivid, memorable images. I am surprised that Bigelow even got the funding for a film that obviously never was going to be a box office smash. It’s also notable that she has not made a “chick flick.” Bigelow is defying the stereotype of what a women’s role in this business is and for that she deserves tremendous kudos. If she wins the Oscar for Best Director she may just start a Hollywood revolution. Watch the beautiful and talented Bigelow accept her BAFTA for Best Director.


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