21 Days of Oscar – Most Wins

Sorry I didn’t update my blog yesterday I was a bit too busy having fun. Anyway I’ll make up for it today with two delicious servings of Oscar. First up: here is a list of actors with the most Academy Awards. Which actor won the most Academy Awards? Here’s a clue: Cate Blanchett played her in a Martin Scorsese film. Scroll down to find out who it is.

Tom Hanks – 2

Jodie Foster – 2

Sean Penn – 2

Hilary Swank – 2

Dustin Hoffman – 2

Meryl Streep – 2

Daniel Day-Lewis – 2

Bette Davis – 2

Marlon Brando – 2

Ingrid Bergman – 3

Jack Nicholson – 3

Katherine Hepburn – 4

That’s right Hepburn won 4 Academy Awards! Well deserved, I think.


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