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IFFBOSTON Opening Night 2010

Hello, everyone the 8th annual Independent Film Festival of Boston is off to a fantastic start!

Last night I went and saw the opening night film “The Extra Man” with Kevin Kline and director Robert Pulcini in attendance. The screening was surely sold out and the line to get into the theatre wrapped around the corners of the Somerville. Before the film began there was a man playing the Theramin to add to the festive atmosphere and later Tuft’s own Beelzebubs performed an awesome 3 song set.

Pre-show entertainment

The Bubs getting festival-goers into the mood.

Once pre-show festivities ended, the film began. It is one of the more strange films I’ve seen, not in a David Lynch sense of not knowing what’s going on but more in the sense that there are a handful of plot lines all fighting for our attention.

Based on the Jonathan Ames novel of the same name, the film follows, Louis Ives (Paul Dano) as he is fired from his job at the prep school he works at and decides to move to New York to fulfill his dream of becoming a writer. Ives is obsessed with the 1920’s and the literature of that time, specifically with The Great Gatsby. The Extra Man is in a very bizarre way a sort of pseudo-adaptation of The Great Gatsby that just so happens to include cross-dressing, Kevin Kline dancing in sweatpants and ruminations on environmentalism. Soon Ives moves into the apartment where the wild eccentric, escort Henry Harrison (Kevin Kline) lives. Ives quickly gets a job at an environmentalist magazine and Harrison starts to show him the over indulgent world of old New York money.

The film compellingly explores unrequited love and holds no judgments against it’s characters’ psychological issues including Ives’ habit of cross dressing. In the end though I was unsure of how all the plot lines connected. What was Mary Powell’s (Katie Holmes) importance in the grand scheme of the film? Was Gershon (John C. Reilly) simply there for comedic support? How does Ives’ story connect with the old spinster Vivian? Who knows, perhaps I am a bit too young to understand the meaning of the film. Do not get me wrong though, I thoroughly enjoyed the film and would definitely recommend it. The performances are across the board terrific. Kevin Kline does not have a single false beat in the movie, Paul Dano proves that he is one of the best young actors around and the supporting performances manage to be bizarre and hilarious without becoming caricatures. The writing is also terrific and the script highly quotable. I suspect this film may garner award nominations after it is released wide sometime in July.

After the film Kline accepted his Career Achievement Award with grace and humor. Upon receiving his award he remarked, “I’m honored and… whatever the opposite of humbled is.” Then director Robert Pulcini took the stage to partake in the audience Q and A. Both Kline and Pulcini seemed to really enjoy listening to comments from the audience and generously answered questions. All in all, it was a great way to kick off the festival. It runs until next Wednesday, make sure you go and see a film or two, there is so much going on you won’t want to miss it!

For complete info/ schedule click here:


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The Best of the Worst!

Last night I had the pleasure of watching one of the worst films in the history of cinema: Troll 2. I had known about the film for a long time and knew how pitifully awful it was going to be but the film somehow still managed to exceed all of my expectations. It’s hilariously bad, unimaginably awful, stupendously horrifying and indeed one of the funniest movie experiences one could ever hope for. After watching the film, I began to wonder about what other horrible movies there are out there. Let’s face it, seeing truly pitiful excuses for art make us feel better about our own artistic mistakes. Here are a few terrible movies I have seen which I would recommend for those who want to kill a few thousand brain cells and feel better about their own talents or lack there of. I hate to admit it but I have not seen that many awful movies, so I will also recommend some films that I have yet to see but hear are unimaginably stupid. Enjoy!

Troll 2

The popcorn sex scene alone will leave you literally crying with laughter, not to mention the fact that the acting from every member of the cast is so awful that you have to wonder just what drug they were all on. Also, the goblins in this film are so unintentionally hilarious looking until you realize that they all look uncannily like the people you see waiting at your local bus stop.


Elizabeth Berkley gives the performance of a lifetime in this film, which is, let’s admit it, a glorified Lesbian porno. The writing is so unimaginably terrible and the acting so over-the-top that you cannot take a single scene seriously. Watch this incredible scene:

Battlefield Earth

This is basically a propaganda film for Scientology. It’s convoluted, the hair and makeup is ridiculous and John Travolta gives a completely unbelievable performance. Here’s a fantastic clip:


This is Mariah Carey’s magnum opus. It includes such profound lines such as, “the glitter can’t overpower the artist.” No words have ever been truer. Here’s just a taste of the horror of Glitter:

Killer Condom

I could try and describe this horrendous German piece of crap but I’ll just let the trailer do the talking:

The Happening

There are so, so many horribly hilarious scenes in this film, that it deserves its own post but this is one of my favorites:

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie

When I was a kid, I loved Power Rangers, luckily the movie is still entertaining today, unfortunately I also now see how ludicrously stupid the movie is. Here’s one of its fantastic fight scenes:

Batman and Robin

The nippled-batsuit is only the icing on top of this shit-show of a movie. It’s surprisingly bad and it’s a wonder it didn’t destroy George Clooney’s career. Here is a beautiful scene with Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze:

Some films that I hear are totally horrible:

1. The Room (deemed the “Citizen Kane” of terrible movies by Entertainment Weekly)

2. Max Payne

3. House of the Dead

4. Transformers 2

5. Swept Away

6. Gigli

7. Plan 9 From Outer Space

8. Catwoman

9. Norbit

10. Sex Lives of the Potato Men

11. The Love Guru

If after watching one of these films, you feel infinitely dumber, please come to the Independent Film Festival of Boston which runs from April 22-28 and watch a good film for a change! All info can be found here:


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IFFBoston Update

IFFBoston 2010: April 21-28, 2010

You can now order individual tickets online for the 8th annual Independent Film Festival of Boston! The complete schedule is now on the official website, so you can conveniently decide which film screenings you will be able to go to. Some screenings will sell out soon, so you should probably get tickets as soon as possible. Also, I hear that actress Amber Benson (Tara, for any of you Buffy fans out there) will be in attendance for her film Drones which she directed. Hopefully we will learn of what other special guests will be attending within the next couple weeks. Go buy tickets, you don’t want to miss everything that IFFBoston has in store!

You can find complete info here:

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