In Appreciation of LOST

I know, I know this is a film blog but I couldn’t help but break the rules and devote a post to the incredible television saga known as Lost. This Sunday the series ends and all (or at least a few) of our questions will be answered. Though Lost is clearly a TV show, it is very cinematic in quality. It is a show that like a film, has always had a beginning and end and each episode builds off the last one. Unlike shows like The Twilight Zone, one must view each episode in order to understand the overall plot line. Therefore it might not be too controversial to say that Lost is one of the longest movies ever made. Here are some of the reasons why Lost goes above and beyond the average TV show.

The Plot/ Writing

Even if you get frustrated by the show’s tendency to provide more questions than answers, even if you find the occasional cheesy line annoying, even if you know in the back of your mind that the entire plot of Lost is utterly ridiculous, it is hard not to stand in awe of the incredible job that writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have done. The shear number of ideas that the writers have come up with is amazing and if they somehow tie up the story lines in the series finale in an unexpected way I will be all the more impressed. No other show has used flashbacks, flash-forwards, flash-sideways and time travel in such an elegant way. There are so many fantastic quotes from the show and many well written scenes but this next one just seems so naturally written. The dialogue is just genuine and not forced.

The Acting

Lost has had one of the best casts ever on television. Not only are all of the actors in the very least adequate in their roles, the show has done a great job of casting a diverse ensemble cast. Main and prominent characters on the show have been Korean, Iraqi, African American, Hispanic, Japanese, Nigerian and Chinese. I’ve been so impressed with the growth of the actors, in particular Evangeline Lilly is so much better than she was in season 1. I think the two actors who have been the most consistently great though are Michael Emerson as Ben Linus and Terry O’Quinn as John Locke. Here are some of my favorite well-acted scenes from the series.

Jack and Locke (The Candidate)

Juliet and Ben (One of Us)

Sun (House of the Rising Sun)

Ben, Locke, Jacob (The Incident)

Jack, Kate, Hurley (The Candidate)

Richard (Ab Aeterno)

Jack and Locke (Exodus: Part 2)

Desmond and Penny (The Constant)

The Music

Lost might have the best score ever produced for a television show. I mean Michael Giacchino, the man behind the music has won an Oscar for Christ’s sake! What other show can say they have an Oscar-winning scorer working for them? What’s even better is that Giacchino keeps coming up with new, sublime theme music for each new season. There are so many great themes from the show but I’ll post one of my favorites, it’s called “Parting Words” which I believe was first used in the season 1 finale.

The Cinematography

For a TV show, Lost has pretty amazing cinematography, especially considering that so much of the shooting takes place in the humid, mosquito filled Hawaiian forest. Here are some beautiful and memorable images from the last six seasons.

LockeOrange.jpg image by Hathery

So Sunday night, it all ends, 6 years of one of the most cinematic and exciting shows ever conceived. I hope this tribute has done the show justice. For all of you uber-fans out there, make sure to vote on the following poll!


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  1. Kevino

    I think the most shocking scene this far has been Jacob’s death.

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