Greatest Fictional Film Heroes and Heroines

If you ask me, the word “hero” is tossed around too frequently. So much of the time people are deemed heroes for doing things that just seem like common sense and at other times people call other people “heroes” without knowing what these people may have done in their lives, if they’ve abused or murdered others or committed crimes. At the same time, many people go unrecognized for their heroic actions so I’ve decided to post a tribute to some of the best fictional film heroes of our time. I haven’t included characters based on real people and most of these heroes come from fantasy/sci-fi/action movies, so without further ado here are the heroes and heroines who you definitely want fighting on your side.


10. James Bond

Is James Bond actually a hero? On the one hand I guess he has technically “saved the world” but on the other hand he’s a bit of a sexist pig. Nevertheless no one has made being an international super-spy look quite so cool. Sean Connery brought the man to life but I’m a big fan of Daniel Craig’s interpretation of the character.

9. Frodo Baggins

Though Frodo is just four feet tall he saved Middle Earth (though much of the credit has to go to Sam). He’s the underdog and proof that anyone can save the world.

8. Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne is cool because he has a dark past that he can’t remember and because must fight against those that created him in order to win back his freedom. He is also one bad-ass fighter!

7. Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker is kind of the textbook definition of a hero. He is called upon to fulfill a destiny and save the universe and succeeds with flying colors. Still though, he’s pretty awesome.

6. Superman

I know, for many of you Superman is THE superhero and I do like him but I just don’t find him as complex as other heroes. At the same time I like that he is a lonely alien fighting for a people whom he doesn’t even have to defend.

5. Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is the reason dozens, if not hundreds of college students around the country are currently studying archeology. No one has ever made investigating ancient relics so fun and exciting.

4. Aragorn

Unlike Legolas, Aragorn ain’t a pretty boy but at the same time he isn’t completely unkempt like dwarf warrior Gimli. Aragorn is a scruffy, good-hearted yet tormented hero who fights for what’s right. He’s a bad-ass who never has to try to be cool, he just is.

Aragorn.jpg Aragorn image by Dai_Bev

3. Han Solo

Luke Skywalker may be responsible for bringing peace to the galaxy but it’s Han Solo who most young boys aspire to be like. It’s pretty amazing that Harrison Ford played both Indiana Jones and Han Solo and managed to make them both so bad-ass yet in different ways. Need proof Han Solo is one of the most perfect action heroes? Here it is:

2. Spider-Man

What makes Spider-Man so great is that his alter-ego Peter Parker is just a nerdy kid trying to make it in a big scary world, in other words he is just like the rest of us except for the fact that he can climb walls and shoot webs out of his wrists. Watch him in action here: (pardon for the Portuguese dubbing).

1. Batman

Batman’s true superpower is the fact that he’s super wealthy but he also cares about justice more than anything else. He is mysterious, has a dark past and is the ultimate anti-hero. He is just way too cool for school, as seen here:


10. Evey Hammond is the protagonist of V for Vendetta, the 2005 film based on the graphic novel about a fascist dictatorial Great Britain of the future. Evey starts off as weak and naive but grows into a powerful young woman, ready to bring down the fascist state. Natalie Portman famously shaved her head for this role and has never looked more awesome.

9. Marge Gunderson

It’s hard to watch Fargo and not fall in love with Marge Gunderson. She has an uncompromising sense of justice but she’s also just so “awe shucks” adorable.

8. Yu Shu Lien

If you’ve seen Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon you’ll know not to ever get on Shu Lien’s bad side. She is so incredibly skilled in hand to hand combat and swordplay that she could cut your throat before you get the chance to say, “Ni hao.”

7. Storm

Storm is arguably the most powerful of all the mutants in X-Men, she can control the weather for Christ’s sake! Plus, no one else can make lightning quite so sexy.

6. Trinity

In my opinion Trinity is way cooler than Neo ever was in The Matrix. From the very first time you see her jump up in the air to kick a cop in the face, you know she is not a woman to mess with.

5. Barbarella

Barbarella is humanity’s only hope for peace in the galaxy. She fights hate with love and kicks major butt in as little clothing as possible. Regardless of what you think of her, she’s a film icon, played with wonderful camp by a young Jane Fonda.

4. Princess Leia

Princess Leia was a princess but one who can kick major ass. She definitely held her own amongst the likes of Luke and Han Solo.

3. Dorothy

Little Dorothy is proof that you don’t need to be big and powerful to be strong. Watch this scene, in which she, unlike her male counterparts acts bravely in order to find out the truth.

2. The Bride (Beatrix Kiddo)

Quentin Tarantino loves to put strong women in his movies and his film with the strongest female characters of course is Kill Bill and the strongest woman in that is without a doubt The Bride. The Bride is relentless in her quest for revenge and is the epitome of a strong woman. Watch her paint a bloody trail of destruction here:

1. Ellen Ripley

Ellen Ripley of the Alien series is the ultimate hero. She is uncompromising in her beliefs in her quest for justice. Played spectacularly by Sigourney Weaver, Ripley will stand up to any man, woman or robot that stands in her way. She also turns evil aliens into jelly as well as any Smucker’s factory could. She is violent yet gentle, extraordinarily powerful but still sensitive and human. Here’s a tribute to the greatest alien fighter of all time.

Who are some of your favorite heroes? Who did I fail to recognize? Discuss!


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  1. Anonymous

    I’m appalled with your choice to put Spiderman and Batman ahead of Superman. Simply appalled.

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