Oscar Bait

In the fall of every year studios release the films that they think are most likely to receive awards recognition. So far this year, not too many great “Oscar” films have come out, with The Social Network being the most talked about exception. The following are some of the films that look like they have a good shot at a few Oscar nods. Beware however, each year I see a trailer that looks amazing, but unfortunately ends up being far better than the film itself. This was the case with the trailer for last year’s “Nine” and “Australia” in 2008 and “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” in 2007. Nevertheless, here are some films that may just make little gold Oscar jump for joy.

Oct. 22 – Hereafter

Nov. 5 – 127 Hours

Nov. 5 – Fair Game

Nov. 19 – The Next Three Days

Nov. 19 – Made in Dagenham

Nov. 24 – The King’s Speech

Dec. 3 – Black Swan

Dec. 10 – The Tempest

Dec. 10 – The Company Men

Dec. 10 – The Fighter

Dec. 25 – Somewhere

Dec. 25 – True Grit

Dec. 31 – Blue Valentine



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4 responses to “Oscar Bait

  1. some guy

    the oscars are the one time of year for hollywood to pat themselves on the back. case study: “the kids are all right” came out two years ago, but it’s being considered for oscars this year. why? because the movie wasn’t released through one of hollywood’s wonderful distribution companies until earlier this year. so, you gotta play by hollywood’s rules in order to get hollywood’s praise. that’s not a fair playing field. that’s capitalism.

    further, the oscars is only part of the money-making machine that is hollywood. certain movies don’t have to advertise because they’ll know they stuck to the formula for winning an oscar (man against himself, supportive chick, sex scene, happy ending, oscar nod). so, when the oscar bids are released, all sorts of movies that nobody’s heard of are brought to the public’s attention. as a result, all the oscar-fuckers say “oh my, i have to see that one! it’s up for an oscar!” buy your ticket, sit in your seat, and let those white people dance for you until your stomach feels warm from all the slimy shit on screen you just swallowed.

    hollywood’s trash. the oscars are trash. and mel gibson deserves every award there is.

    • Hi “some guy,”

      For some of us, film has the power to move us like no other art form and it just so happens that many of these films are “Oscar” films. Why? Generally Oscar nominated films are more intelligent than popcorn flicks and exhibit a greater sophistication of the art forms involved. It’s true that films generally have to play into the capitalist game in order to receive funding, distribution and accolades but if you’re going to blame anything blame capitalism, not the artists who spend so much time on these films.

      Secondly, by blaming “Hollywood,” you show how flawed your argument is. Hollywood is a lot of things, by blaming Hollywood you may as well be blaming “society,” define what Hollywood is first and then you might have a point. And lastly, isn’t is a good thing that the Oscars make people go see small “indie” films they wouldn’t have seen otherwise? You can hate “Hollywood” or the Oscars as much as you want but for most us, film inspires us and challenges us and nothing you say is going to stop that. Movies are the U.S.’s best export, they are the least harmful thing to come out of this country and they allow people all over the world the opportunity to dream.


  2. some guy

    i define “hollywood” (more like hollyweird. zing.) as the industry made up of any film production/distribution company owned by viacom, walt disney, news corp, or time warner. those capitalist companies that make up the entire nominations list. under this management, writers/directors/cinematographers/actors don’t have the freedom to exercise their true potential because the capitalist pigs involved require them to support family values, blah, blah, blah (fight the man). so i’m not blaming the performers, i’m blaming the ring masters.

    to put this simply, the oscars are by capitalism, for capitalism and are capitalism. does this make my argument concise enough for you?

    speaking of plot holes, you’re acting like the only american films being released are by these capitalists. if that’s so, then you’re a capitalist. there’s more and more movies being released that aren’t owned by walt disney and the rest of the boy scouts. find them and watch them, they’re better (not to mention those foreigners who are so damn good with color correction, gosh). and by the least harmful thing in this country, you do mean the most popular medium to promote racial stereotypes, gender inequality, and class division, right? but who cares about minorities? am i right?

    keep buying that popcorn.

    • Hello there again!

      I think you have some deep misconceptions about what I believe in. First off, I believe capitalism is a system in its last stages of existence, I have always believed that the downsides of capitalism far outweigh any positives that come with it. Yes, capitalism oppresses and degrades people both nationally and internationally all in the name of money. Under capitalism money is valued above all else, including people and the arts. And yes, I generally do believe that it is better when artists have greater artistic control but that is not too say that all “indie” films are good. In fact, there are as many awful “indie” films as there are awful “Hollywood” films.

      You also said that these film production/ distribution companies that make “Oscar” films are required to support so called “family values.” Is that really always true? Are Brokeback Mountain, Do the Right Thing, Precious, Milk, Rachel Getting Married, There Will be Blood, Letters from Iwo Jima, Notes on a Scandal, Goodnight and Good Luck, Transamerica, A History of Violence, Million Dollar Baby, Kinsey, Mystic River, Monster, Bowling for Columbine, City of God, Adaptation, The Hours, Far from Heaven, Frida, In the Bedroom, Training Day, Mulholland Dr., Monster’s Ball, Memento, Requiem for a Dream, Traffic, American Beauty, Boys Don’t Cry, Girl Interrupted, Magnolia, Being John Malkovich, Reds, Network, Dog Day Afternoon, Apocalypse Now, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Casablanca, A Clockwork Orange, Midnight Cowboy, The Deer Hunter, Bonnie and Clyde, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Dr. Strangelove, Raging Bull, Born on the Fourth of July, The Silence of the Lambs, Pulp Fiction, Leaving Las Vegas, The Full Monty, Boogie Nights, Bulworth and American History X films that promote “family values?” I don’t think so. You completely underestimate Hollywood and Oscar’s ability to challenge societal norms. Many of the films I have mentioned challenge our notions of sexuality, race, gender, mental illness, euthanasia,violence, class, war and politics. Yes, “Hollywood” is a vehicle for conformity and materialism but at its best it is a shining beacon for those all around the world. Even a film like Avatar has inspired people all around the world with it’s anti-colonialist, anti-corporate, pro-indigenous, pro-environmental messages.

      So yes, I will keep buying that popcorn, though I really like Raisinets better.

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