Best Posters of 2010

Hey everyone,

A poster is one of the main forms of advertising for a movie. Most posters you look at and forget about 3 seconds later but some posters are so unusual and mesmerizing that you cannot help but stare and perhaps eventually shell out $10 to see the film. Here are my picks for the best movie posters this year in descending order. Keep in mind that I am judging the poster itself and not the movie, in fact I haven’t even seen all of these films. Also, make sure to vote on the poll at the bottom!

15. Agora

14. For Colored Girls

13. The Kids Are All Right

12. The American

11. Eat Pray Love

10. The Tempest

9. Date Night

8. When You’re Strange

7. I Am Love

6. Never Let Me Go

5. Inception

4. Black Swan

3. The Social Network

2. The King’s Speech

1. Somewhere


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