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If I Could Vote for the Oscars

I feel like 2010 has been a rather underwhelming year for Hollywood films. There were no destined to be classics like Lord of the Rings or There Will Be Blood or even technological breakthroughs like Avatar or The Matrix but some glimmers of excellence still shined through. Some exciting trends also began this year. According to at least one critic, the American art film is making a comeback ( and if we are to consider Black Swan an “art film” it seems that audiences are getting hungry for some art. Some Hollywood actors, writers and directors are fighting back against the studio heads and are trying to create new, perhaps un-bankable visions of our world. Actors like Ryan Gosling and James Franco are redefining what a Hollywood leading man can be and meanwhile are resurrecting the elusive movie star by keeping a sense of mystery about themselves ( Ever more hopeful though is that it seems that movie goers are now a bit less likely to go see universally panned movies. In a very compelling article for Vanity Fair, John Lopez writes that, “L.A. is starting to feel a little like France circa 1968, when Jean-Luc Godard was tooling around Paris with a 16-mm camera and Anna Karina” and “all the marketing muscle and focus-group strategies mean nothing if you can’t connect with your audience in ways they haven’t seen before.” The article can be found here:

I hope it is not hyperbole to say that an exciting change may have already begun in Hollywood and that audience members are hungry for new scripts, new actors, new ideas and new perspectives. Here are my nominees for some of the major categories in this year’s Oscars. Some films like True Grit, Winter’s Bone and The Town I liked but not enough to put them into my top 10 favorite films of the year. I also found that there were so many great performances this year that I had to leave out the likes of Stephen Dorff for Somewhere and Julianne Moore for The Kids Are All Right. Nevertheless here are some films and performances that made 2010 memorable for me. I will name the winners later.

Best Cinematography

1. Harry Potter 7 Part 1

2. Black Swan

3. The King’s Speech

4. True Grit

5. Inception

Best Score

1. The Social Network

2. Inception

3. The King’s Speech

4. Tron: Legacy

5. How to Train Your Dragon

Best Supporting Actor

1. Andrew Garfield, The Social Network

2. Armie Hammer, The Social Network

3. Christian Bale, The Fighter

4. Geoffrey Rush, The King’s Speech

5. Jeremy Renner, The Town

Best Supporting Actress

1. Melissa Leo, The Fighter

2. Amy Adams, The Fighter

3. Helena Bonham Carter, The King’s Speech

4. Elle Fanning, Somewhere

5. Mila Kunis, Black Swan

Best Actor

1. Ryan Gosling, Blue Valentine

2. James Franco, 127 Hours

3. Colin Firth, The King’s Speech

4. Leonardo DiCaprio, Inception

5. Jeff Bridges, True Grit

Best Actress

1. Annette Bening, The Kids are all Right

2. Jennifer Lawrence, Winter’s Bone

3. Natalie Portman, Black Swan

4. Hailee Steinfeld, True Grit

5. Michelle Williams, Blue Valentine

Best Director

1. David Fincher, The Social Network

2. Christopher Nolan, Inception

3. Sofia Coppola, Somewhere

4. Darren Aronofsky, Black Swan

5. Derek Cianfrance, Blue Valentine

Best Picture (in alphabetical order)

1. 127 Hours

2. Black Swan

3. Blue Valentine

4. The Fighter

5. Inception

6. The Kids Are All Right

7. The King’s Speech

8. The Social Network

9. Somewhere

Sofia Coppola's Somewhere stars Stephen Dorff as Johnny, a lost movie star, and Elle Fanning as Cleo, his daughter.

10. Toy Story 3


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