My Favorite Movie Moments of 2011

So I haven’t updated this blog in a while – obviously. At first I thought I would review all the movies I’ve seen since September but then I realized that would take far too long so instead I present you with my favorite moments from films in 2011. Make sure to stay tuned, I will write more about my favorite films of the year and my thoughts on this year’s Oscar race in the weeks to come.

Note: I still haven’t seen a number of films including The Artist and The Ides of March.

The Tree of Life:

All of the scenes of cosmic space and the birth of the universe (such as the one I’ve posted) were absolutely breathtaking, perhaps some of the most gorgeous moments in film history.

X-Men: First Class

I loved the special mutant cameos in this X-Men origin story but I especially loved Magnetos scene’s. In particular I loved when Magneto stabs a man with a knife by controlling it with his mind and also the touching scene in which Professor X teaches Magneto to control his mutant abilities.


Where to begin? Too many funny moments to count, the scene in which all of the bridesmaids start pooping and puking in their bridesmaids dresses is indeed hilarious but the following 2 are also my favorites.

Midnight in Paris:

That moment when Owen Wilson’s character and the audience learns that we’ve traveled to another time period in Parisian history. The historical cameos were a delight.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2:

There were a few incredibly exciting and epic moments in the film but the most powerful scene in the movie, if not the entire series came when Harry got to look into Snape’s memory and all his deepest, darkest secrets were revealed.

The Help:

In a film with a surprising amount of moving scenes The Help left the best for last. If the movie had ended in any other way I would have been disappointed but instead it empowered Viola Davis’ character without ignoring the reality of her difficult situation. I also liked every time she said:


I loved the montage sequences, if you’ve seen the film you will know what I mean.


The opening credits were a stylish thing of beauty.

Crazy, Stupid, Love:

The bar scenes.


Those wonderful moments when the A’s win and the even better moments when they lose. Seriously, this movie, all about losing ends in a graceful manner. Here’s the final scene:


The first scene is absolutely stunning but the final scene is one of the most astonishing and moving ends to a movie I have ever seen.  Here is the first scene:

The Descendants:

I found a few scenes in The Descendants to be quite moving, especially cause its theme of death and family in Hawaii hits so close to home but one of my favorite scenes happened to be the simple yet powerful final scene.


Loads of great moments here, especially all of the odes to classic films which brought a tear to my eye.


Shame is filled with scenes that are very difficult to watch but one of its most lovely scenes comes when Carey Mulligan sings “New York, New York” all the way through in one uninterrupted take.

Young Adult:

Young Adult is also a difficult movie to watch but Diablo Cody’s fantastically realistic script and Charlize Theron’s phenomenal performance come across in scenes like this one:

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol:

The jaw dropping scene in which Tom Cruise’s character attempts to climb one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo:

The terrifying and brilliant scene set to Enya and the opening credit sequence shown here:

War Horse:

In addition to some spectacular imagery, War Horse features a lovely scene in which the titular horse gets stuck in barbed wire and is rescued by an English soldier and a German soldier. You may call it sappy but I don’t care.


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