Welcome to FilmBuffet, you’re one stop for all things film!

For a small fee of $0.00, you’ll find all kinds of film related things. You’ll have access to reviews and lists and you’ll get to vote on awesome polls! I also encourage you to comment on posts and add your voice to the mix. So sit back, relax and enjoy FilmBuffet where you’ll discover:

A delicious array of film!



2 responses to “Welcome!

  1. hey can you do a review of some famous things (famous outside of themselves as art forms) such as Rome or Shakespeare? Inglorious Bastards would fall in this category as it involves Nazis and the holocaust?

  2. well i’m focusing on films here, not on actual historical events. I’m sure there are great history blogs or even history books that would be very interesting to read but I’m not writing a blog about famous historical events

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